Overcome a prospect’s scepticism with valuable information

Product designers and their teammates are sceptical. Every marketer tells them that they have the perfect solution to every application problem. The result is that engineers and designers don’t believe anyone. How are you going to get past that?


One way to get past highly tuned marketing filters is to talk about all of the potential solutions—not just your own. Some marketers seem to think they will get fired if they ever admit that there is anything good about a competitive solution, or that there are any other ways to solve a problem.


Guess what? Your target customers already know that there are many potential solutions to solve their problems. If you admit that up front, and even describe the scenarios where your product does not fit, you have come a long way towards gaining the credibility that you will need.


What’s more, you capture interest. And when it comes time to describe applications where your product is the best fit, you will already have built up some credibility.


There are many other ways to be informative, but you will be hard pressed to find a better way than by presenting a problem and a series of potential solutions. This is the essence of being informative rather than strictly sales-y. Sales-y content is useful near the end of a prospect’s buying journey, when they are deciding what to buy.  Until then, stick with informative.


This is just one key to writing for product development professionals. To get the full list, download the eBook: Five Keys to Writing for Product Development Professionals.

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