Content Marketing is the Best Way to Reach Product Development Buyers

Marketers are taking on more of the workload when it comes to selling technical products. That’s not to say that sales people don’t matter anymore. It’s just that the roles of marketers and sales people have changed.


Salespeople used to be responsible for prospecting for leads. Now marketers use content marketing to attract potential customers and generate leads.


We make content marketing easy

Most marketers struggle to get enough good technical content to feed their content marketing machines. As most of you know, it’s hard to get in-house technical experts to write marketing content – they hate writing.


We are here to help. Our team loves to write technical stories in a way that engages your target audience.


Let us help you:


Simplifying the complexities of content marketing

Digital marketing is complex. There are many aspects to manage, from social media accounts to paid search campaigns, from blog posts to email lists, not to mention the challenges of implementing a marketing automation system. It’s no wonder that most small to mid-sized technology vendors choose to outsource their content marketing programs. In fact, when it comes to creating the content to fuel their inbound marketing programs, even the largest vendors outsource.