Creating Content that Product Designers will Love

Getting your killer content in front of product design teams is the best long-term strategy to build a steady pipeline of sales opportunities.


A complete content marketing strategy goes well beyond SEO. Properly executed, it will connect you to your prospects like never before.

If you need:

Reaction Metrics has got you covered with 11 expert writers in


Our team will support your content strategy with subject matter experts and journalists to create great stories that designers and influencers will love.



Content Audit and Strategy Recommendations


Content audits show how the content you already have (web pages, blogs, white papers, etc.) are helping to engage your target audience.  You will learn which topics and types of content perform well, and where you have gaps. This process provides excellent insights into the topics and types of content you need next.


Evergreen SEO web pages


Evergreen stories are those that raise the vendor company up through the search rankings. They are the SEO pages that engineers and other product professionals find when they are looking for a particular type of solution.


Creating an evergreen SEO story is difficult. It requires keyword research to understand what your prospects are searching for. Beyond the usual, Reaction Metrics has a twist. We typically interview thought leaders in the space, not just the vendor’s own experts. These people lend additional credibility to the story, and may even help get the word out once the story is published.


The great news about this type of story is that they pull in relevant traffic for a very long time. Evergreen SEO stories are the bedrock of any content marketing project.

Pencil and paper

White papers and eBooks


White papers and eBooks are excellent conversion content for tje top and middle of your marketing funnel. Their job is to help prospects identify the type of solution they may want to deploy.  White papers from Reaction Metrics usually do not mention specific products, but rather help the prospect match entire classes of solutions to their applications.


Our white papers are written by product development experts who have deep technical knowledge of the solutions and the applications.


Case studies


A case study ideally presents an application that is reasonably close to one that the prospect faces.  These stories are typically 1,000 – 1,500 words long and are based on interviews with vendor representatives and the customer. The format often begins with a description of the problem, potential solutions the customer considered, and why they chose the path they did. The story also includes an ROI calculation whenever possible.


Feature articles


Feature articles range in length from 800 – 1,200 words. They can build your brand and influence when you distribute them through social media, place them in paid media, and they can build high value traffic to your web site.

Writer Graphic

Blog posts


To maintain an effective content marketing strategy demands a steady stream of content. Blog posts are the frequent stories that maintain the vendor’s connection with the target audience.


The topics of blog posts range from application stories to thought leadership, to product announcements. Blog posts can include a call to action to help move prospects along the sales funnel.


Curated stories


Curated stories are a great addition to a content marketing program for those companies who want to be seen as publishers in their own right. Curated stories are typically not about the vendor, nor specifically about their applications. Instead, they are stories that the vendor considers relevant to the target audience.




E-newsletters are a critical first step in building and nurturing your known visitors. The newsletter builds your company’s credibility so that your prospects will be open to receiving your offers. These steady touch-points, be they weekly or monthly, are what keeps you as a vendor at the prospect’s top of mind when the prospect is ready to enter a buying cycle.


E-newsletters can be either a single story, or a combination of multiple stories and offers. The key to building the prospect mailing list is to have content in the newsletter that is so good that prospects get excellent value from reading it.



You can work with us small projects for as little as $2,000 or sign up for monthly packages that start at $4,000.



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