How to write a Technology White Paper that will generate a ton of leads

Apr 13 2017

Software companies are always looking for new customers. One great way to generate leads is to offer relevant, timely and valuable information. A technology white paper fits the bill nicely: it explains a complicated concept simply and clearly, while taking a vendor-agnostic position that supports your software solution.

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Overcome a prospect’s scepticism with valuable information

Mar 09 2017

Product designers and their teammates are sceptical. Every marketer tells them that they have the perfect solution to every application problem. The result is that engineers and designers don’t believe anyone. How are you going to get past that?

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Why are your email open rates going down?

Feb 08 2017

Back when the Internet was new and shiny, people didn’t get many emails.  So they opened them all.  Those days are long gone, and the competition for attention is fierce.

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Three reasons why marketers write the worst technical blogs

Jan 06 2017

Your sales engineers promise to write a series of blog posts. Yet you have to constantly chase them to deliver. Time and again they push you off, citing important customer requests that surely take priority. You don’t want to be too pushy for fear of alienating them forever. On the other hand, you are already three posts behind on your editorial calendar.  

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